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Can i apply for NC drivers license while i have a suspension on my florida license?

You can apply; you won't get one. reciprocityCan i apply for NC drivers license while i have a suspension on my florida license?
are you cute? ur pic is kinda blurryCan i apply for NC drivers license while i have a suspension on my florida license?
Can you apply for one? Sure.

Will you get one? Heck no.

All States drivers records are available to all other States. When you apply for a NY license the fact that you are suspended in FL will come up, and you won't get a license.

To get a NY license, you will FIRST have to do whatever FL requires to get the suspension lifted.

For example, if when you got your DUI your sentence included a requirement to do an alcohol education class, and you didn't, you're probably going to have to go to Florida to do one, because classes in NY won't be approved by the Florida DMV.

I know someone in your shoes. He had a DUI conviction 11 years ago out of state and he still cannot get a license. He called the other state and asked then the person told him that if he wants his license that he would have to travel back to that state and turn himself in.

Is it possible to have a new york address on a florida drivers license//?

a man showed me one ,you think its bogus?Is it possible to have a new york address on a florida drivers license//?
You would need to check with the Florida DMV to verify it, though personally, I doubt it.Is it possible to have a new york address on a florida drivers license//?
yes, my wife had an oregon license with a CA address. oregon sent her a renewal sticker with our CA

address on it.
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  • How much is for a Drivers License in Florida?

    I'm about to be 18 in 2 weeks. So when I do turn 18, i'm gonna go to the DMV to take the written, and practice test. So, I was curious. How long will it take and how much is it?

    South Florida

    Never got a Permit.How much is for a Drivers License in Florida?
    Fees For Florida Drivers License

    Fee to get a new Florida drivers License (original class E license) - $48

    Learners Drivers License - $48

    Class E renewal - $48

    Class D drivers license renewal - $15

    Commercial Drivers License - $75

    Duplicate License for a lost license - $25

    Replacement for stolen license (if police report is filed) - No Fee

    Replacement for License with incorrect information - $25

    Does the gold star on a Florida Drivers License allow me to cross the border into Canada?

    i'm taking a trip to Michigan soon and wanted to go into Canada for a day. my cousin says since i dont have a passport that an enhanced drivers license will do. while calling my local DMV, a very unhelpful and disgruntled dmv associate told me the gold star on my license will allow me access into Canada, but every where else i read online says that florida has not participated in this program and does not mention a "gold star" anywhere on the EDL requirements. please get back to me asap!Does the gold star on a Florida Drivers License allow me to cross the border into Canada?

    You need a passport for any air or sea crossing and either a passport, NEXUS pass, or enhanced driver's license when crossing at a ground crossing. The only states which currently offer enhanced driver's licenses are Michigan,New York, Vermont and Washington state. Florida is one of several states which has announced that they will be offering enhanced driver's licenses. However, they only announced it a few months back, so they are not currently offered.

    Personally, just get a passport. If you are in FL it is useful for travel to Mexico and the Caribbean.
    To enter Canada you need proof of citizenship and photo ID. From the Canada Border Services Agency website: "If you are a citizen of the United States, you do not need a passport to enter Canada. However, you should carry proof of your citizenship, such as a birth certificate, certificate of citizenship or naturalization, as well as photo identification."

    Similarly, you will require proof of citizenship to get back into the U.S. From the US Customs %26amp; Border Protection website: "The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) requires U.S. and Canadian travelers to present a passport or other document that denotes identity and citizenship when entering the U.S."

    So your driver's license alone will neither get you into Canada from the U.S. nor get you back into the U.S. from Canada, but combined with your birth certificate it could do the trick. When travelling outside your own country, a passport is really the ultimate piece of identification. Anything else can be called into question by Customs officials, and you seriously do NOT want to mess with Customs officials from any country, including your own.Does the gold star on a Florida Drivers License allow me to cross the border into Canada?
    All the gold star does is let everyone know you shared your toys at recess and that you did your homework on time. Other then that it doesn't mean jack when it comes to crossing into Canada. You will need a passport because, as you said, Florida doesn't participate in the EDL program.

    And by the way, it's not Canada's fault you need a passport to come here. We could care less however the US government is requiring everyone entering the US to have a passport or EDL (even US citizens) therefore we have to make sure you have it so that you can go home after your visit.
    That's a regular driver's licence. You need an enhanced one with a chip in it [if available in Florida] or a passport.

    PS It is true that Canada can technically admit you with just a birth certificate, but, if you don't have the passport necessary to go home, they won't let you in.Does the gold star on a Florida Drivers License allow me to cross the border into Canada?
    To enter Canada, any driver's licence will do. However, to go back into the USA, you need the passport, enhanced driver's licence, or NEXUS card. This is US law, and nothing to do with Canada. All that is required here is basic ID.
    you can enter canada with that no problem, its returning to your own country thats going to be the problem. and if your crossing at Detroit/Windsor, the US guards don't mess around. Canadians could careless
    Basically the gold star tells inland pirates as policy enforcers, that you under the Federal Homeland Security Department regulations by your statement when you obtained the State License by your volunteering to become a Corporate United States citizen in fiction, so you have no rights. You have the right to un-volunteer anytime you choose to protect your rights. See the following for the legal encyclopedia that can be entered into evidence to protect your rights:

    14 C.J.S. “Citizenship” pg. 426, 430

    (Corpus Juris Secundum )

    The particular meaning of the word "citizen" is frequently dependent on the context in which it is found[25], and the word must always be taken in the sense which best harmonizes with the subject matter in which it is used[26].

    One may be considered a citizen for some purposes and not a citizen for other purposes, as, for instance, for commercial purposes, and not for political purposes[27]. So, a person may be a citizen in the sense that as such he is entitled to the protection of his life, liberty, and property, even though he is not vested with the suffrage or other political rights[28].

    [25] Cal.--Prowd v. Gore, 2 Dist. 207 P. 490. 57 C.A. 458.

    [26] Cal.--Prowd v. Gore. 2 Dist. 207 P. 490. 57 C.A. 458.

    La.--Lepenser v Griffin, 83 So. 839, 146 La. 584

    N.Y.--Union Hotel Co. v. Hersee, 79 N.Y. 454

    [27] U.S.--The Friendschaft, N.C., 16 U.S. 14, 3 Wheat. 14, 4 L.Ed. 322

    --Murray v. The Charming Betsy, 6 U.S. 64, 2 Cranch 64, 2 L.Ed. 208

    Md.--Risewick v. Davis, 19 Md. 82

    Mass.--Judd v. Lawrence, 1 Cush 531

    R.I.--Greeough v. Tiverton Police Com'rs, 74 A 785, 30 R.I. 212

    [28] Mass.--Dillaway v. Burton, 153 N.E. 13, 256 Mass. 568

    You can also state a proper claim upon which relief should be granted by any corporate adminstrative judge in fiction under color of law, "All Sovereign Birth Rights Exclusively Claimed and Retained."

    Do not sign any contract with foreign agents called police or their courts and remain silent to protect your rights.

    Florida Drivers License Question?

    I live in Florida and i dropped out of high school when i was 16. I had not had a permit when i did drop out and i will be 18 in October. My question is can i get my license when i turn 18 or do i have to wait till im 21(what mom said). Thanks.Florida Drivers License Question?
    Of course, the best source of information is the Florida DMV.

    When I checked their website I saw no reason why you would have to wait until you are 21 to get your license.

    However, I've been wrong before and would not be surprised if I was wrong again. Another problem ... Even if you get a permit, you need a car to practice on, and a licensed driver to ride with you. If you do not have both of these things, the permit is a waste of money.Florida Drivers License Question?
    Why don't you do the SIMPLE thing and just call your motor vehicle dept. and ask them? The mvd laws differ from one state to the next and there are just a lot of different rules and stuff. Call your MVD.

    How would i get a replacement florida drivers license?

    I went to disney this past weekend and got pickpocketed for my wallet and sunglasses.

    So now i got pickpocketed and have to get pretty much a new everything and was wondering how i would do this. I need a new drivers license,insurance card,fishing licenses(salt and snook),and debit card. I live in florida and on my own. How would i get all of this back(do i need proof of residence?all i have left is my school id and voters card)how much would it cost(if you know)?if you know anything about anyone of these it would be much appreciated. Thank youHow would i get a replacement florida drivers license?
    Replacing a lost, stolen, or destroyed Florida driver license is fairly simple. If it was stolen, you should immediately file a report with your local police department. You may be eligible to receive a duplicate free of charge if you bring in a copy of the police report when you apply for a replacement.

    Obtain a duplicate license by doing the following:

    * Apply online if your citizenship has already been established on your driving record. A nominal service fee, payable by any major credit card, will be charged in addition to the $25 replacement fee.

    * Go into your local driver license office and apply in person. You'll need to show two acceptable forms of ID.

    You will need to prove your identity with the following:

    List A (1 of the following)

    Birth Certificate

    US Passport

    List B (1 of the following)

    Social Security Card


    Check/Paystub (only if it lists your social security number)

    List C (2 of the following)

    * Deed, mortgage, monthly mortgage statement, mortgage payment booklet or residential rental/lease agreement

    * Florida Voter Registration Card

    * Florida Vehicle Registration or Title

    * A utility hook up or work order dated within 60 days of the application

    * A current utility bill (water, electric, gas, or cable)

    Once you have a new drivers license, it should be pretty easy to replace everything else.

    FYI, I typed out the list of documents, since they're the best/most relevant. If you've read the websites, why are you asking? Just go to the DMV with your paperwork.

    I have a texas drivers permit and wanting to get a florida drivers license?

    Well, I have a Texas drivers permit, and I am currently 17. I've had the permit for about a month now and am going to Florida this weekend to get my drivers license. I'm wondering if they would even issue me one. I'm moving to Florida to live with my aunt and uncle there and I'm currently home-schooled. Florida requires that I have my permit for one year but what if I tell them that i renewed my permit in texas recently and just moved, would they give me one? Answer back quickly please!I have a texas drivers permit and wanting to get a florida drivers license?
    Check with the Florida DMV. I think they may make you get a Florida permit for a time. All of your info as far as permits and such will be on the computer.
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